Meditations to relax & inspire

Golden Path Guided Meditations take the meditator on a visual journey that moves through an experience of relaxation to inspire joy.

We use metaphors devised with vibrant imagery and words to evoke responses of relaxation and rejuvenation. Once the mind, body and emotions are in a more relaxed and quieter state, one has the opportunity for inner wisdom to be revealed through the meditation. These insights are easier to receive when the mind is brought home to a quieter place of peace, and can sense truth anew.

The meditations shine light on joyful inspiration, as well as on emotions that are impacting the ability to be the best version of oneself.

Metaphors within the visualisations are designed to reveal, for instance, what is feeding your worry or concerns. They provide insight to what can be released to help move you towards experiencing more uplifting and empowering feelings.

Insights allow meditators to gain a deeper understanding of the self, become more aware of what is most important, and to be in alignment with what is true to the unique self.

Live a life of true abundance with enhanced intuition, and improved mental and emotional well-being.

With practice one can learn to increasingly move through each day being more present or mindful, have more self-awareness and self-acceptance (and less judgement), and feel greater clarity, whilst being committed to self-development.

Meditation practices have been shown to result in meditators bouncing back with more resilience and being less reactive, having increased focus and productivity at work, even sleeping better and having more ‘fuel in the tank’. They also report feeling less stress and are not as affected by the stress of others. Self-image may become more positive, emotional intelligence is enhanced, as well as self-compassion that flows on to compassion for others.

Meditation is a recognised therapeutic tool in the West and has been an ancient practice for many cultures. Taking a small amount of time to connect inwards can provide benefits that shape your whole world. To find out about some of the studies on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, refer to a section in my article How to start & commit to a meditation practice in 10 steps, step 8.

All the meditations are a practice in inspiring calmness and joy!

By working with an experienced teacher who is committed to their own study and practice, you not only have access to greater insight and focus but also feel comfort in the space. These meditations are analytical and interactive in nature, and my intuition allows me to provide feedback for deeper clarity and understanding.

Meditations are done gently, at a pace appropriate for the individual, and securely within the glow of unconditional love that exists for all.

Do you want to learn meditation? or take your own practice deeper? and gain more insight and appreciation of yourself? Meditation and mindfulness practices can be incorporated into your day in various ways, alongside your other well-being practices such as healthy eating and exercise.

Sessions of guided meditations are tailored to your unique needs, and to achieving your greatest potential. Suitable for experienced and new meditators, either in private sessions or small groups.



Janelle provides private and group guided meditation sessions: teaching a tranquil and joyful way to retreat from the hectic pattern of modern life. She was pleased to exclusively write the suite of guided meditations for Sydney’s, purpose-built meditation studio, MYND Studios, for corporate workers in the CBD.

Janelle is passionate about living a joyful, calm and fulfilled life, and loves guiding people through this inspired way of accessing personal and spiritual development. She provides group workshops and sessions for clients privately, by appointment, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

You can contact Janelle by mobile 0416 344268, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for mindful moments of inspiration.

Janelle (BA, GradDipPsycSc) is a Registered Meditation Teacher, Meditation Association of Australia.